Business IT Support Services

Established since 1992 and accredited by leading vendors such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sophos and many others, we provide a comprehensive range of IT Support services to many satisfied customers...


  • Business Critical IT Support
  • Network Analysis and fault rectification
  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning
  • Data Backup services - On-site & remote
  • Consultancy
  • Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • Structured Cabling Topologies inc VOIP
  • On-site Support
  • Remote Support
  • Statistics and performance feedback
  • Training

Network Design and Installation

networkingMost companies using IT are now totally reliant on their computer networks, many without realising the consequences of even a minor failure. Systematic recognise the importance of the computer network within the modern business and has specialists who can offer you expertise in a consultancy capacity to assist in the design and optimisation of Computer Networks.

Systematic has been networking Personal Computers for over fifteen years and has helped many organisations to install and expand computer networks to meet business needs.

When designing any network it is essential to identify and fully understand the communications needs of the organisation before any choice is made about network technology and topology. The Systematic Network Solutions team address all these key issues and system requirements in order to plan, build and maintain a network that will meet current and future needs.

Systematic’s Networking Technicians are trained and accredited in all of the necessary areas required to perform this service...

...these being specifically:

  • Cisco Routers and LAN Switches
  • Microsoft Windows 200x /Microsoft Terminal Server
  • VM Ware & Server Virtualisation
  • Citrix Winframe / Metaframe

All of this means that Systematic can provide the relevant expertise to make your current network faster, efficient, fault tolerant and secure, or if you are planning a new network we can design, engineer and install using the latest technology from leading hardware and software vendors.

Systematic have Microsoft MCSE, VMWare VCP, Cisco CCIE, Intel Networking Professionals and Citrix Certified Engineers who are experienced in designing networks to meet today's complex and bandwidth hungry environments.

Network Auditing

Within the modern business, the computer network has become the vital tool to provide and deliver your mission critical applications.

With the advent of email and the ever-increasing reliance placed on services beyond the LAN, downtime becomes even more costly. A network slow-down or outage can easily translate into thousands of pounds in lost revenue and productivity.

To ensure maximum availability and efficiency of your Network services Systematic’s Network Solutions Division has developed a Network Auditing Service to help you proactively audit and monitor your network, to resolve problems before they impact on your users and your business.

The Network Audit is an in depth analysis and report of all functional areas of the IT Infrastructure.

Systematic provide a range of network auditing solutions which will include:-

  • Defining the scope of the audit
  • Physical Audit & Network Base lining
  • Identify Problem Areas
  • Pre- emptive Fault analysis
  • Reports with Recommendations
  • Ongoing Network Management

You need a Network audit if...

  • The Network has grown over several years
  • You're new to the company/position and don’t know the network
  • You're rolling out new applications and therefore need to know what impact it's going to have
  • You have end users complaining about slow network connection

...and to ensure that you are getting the best out of your investment.

Having your network audited by Systematic:

  • Ensures the best performance from your network.
  • Identifies potential problems before they occur.
  • Allows for informed decisions on how proposed new systems will impact on the existing network.
  • Reduces support overheads
  • Provides focus for additional investment in networking technologies
  • No need to purchase expensive network monitoring equipment

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