IT Security Service

SecurityThe above figure is not fiction. According to a recent Information Security Breaches Survey report from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), 80% of UK businesses have suffered a security breach over the past two years. Of that figure, 43% suffered an ‘extremely serious’ or ‘very serious’ breach, with a single breach costing in excess of £100,000.

Even more concerning is that 70 per cent of those hit had no contingency plans; and only one in seven companies had a formal security policy in place.

The Internet has produced many strategic advantages, allowing organisations enhanced communications and much easier and cheaper access to a variety of information sources. However, by opening up an organisations’ previously isolated network to the outside world, the Internet has also introduced a range of business threats.

That security products and security policies are costly and time consuming to deploy is a common misconception. Many systems will integrate seamlessly into existing networks with minimum disruption.

At Systematic we offer independent security audit and deployment services, as well as 18 years of experience in providing IT services to both corporate and SME Customers

Systematic work closely with over 35 Major Vendors including Sophos, Trend, Juniper, Nokia, Checkpoint and Websense to deliver the most up to date security ICT Solutions.

Our mission is to consistently deliver services and products to exacting standards and to precise customer requirements.

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